Lack of updates

A turned-over exposed computer tire on fire in a dark room. At least the carpet’s clean.
2020.09.30, by Ansel

We’ve lost our computers and have had to get a new workstation on short notice. Luckily most of our files were backed up. On top of this, we’re moving. (All the paintings are up…)

Unfortunately, I still have to configure everything—reinstalling programs, deactivating individual software licenses, modding Windows 10 to not look like ass and to not send Microsoft everything my partner and I own and do. Getting half way through this, then having to do a complete factory reset because Microsoft won’t let me log in with my own device PIN after changing my network password and converting to a local account.

Fuck Windows 10 and fuck 2020.

Expect a truckload of posts from Tolly after we get squared away. He’s fox-screaming right now. Who is he fighting? God.