Website Update: Alive again, yes.

Close-up of Joaquín Sorolla’s “Girl with Flowers”, original “Nina con Flores”, painted in 1886. A young girl with black hair, black eyes, black brows smiles blushing behind a bouquet of yellow flowers. A shock of blue-violet flowers in her hair, above her ears. Off-white dress. Her eyes tell you to come forth—but at the same time you’re not sure you want to breach that barrier of golden sun by her cheeks; red cheeks…
2021.06.06, by Anatolij

So I need to, first of all, make an account of everything that’s happened since… October? Or perhaps not. Let’s just say, a lot happened.

I’m not sure what to do with this site just yet. Certain things… I still… want this to be a little personal sanctuary of ours, even if we—and we have, and will—change. The desert, wood, retro aesthetic, horribly stubborn desktop orientation that is not vertical phone display-friendly at all.

I guess the site will remain as it is. With some changes, of course. I think for sure we still want to do horror reviews… Video game reviews… Talk about old games. Russian Literature and—other things.

The biggest problem I have, is—aside from lack of time—I’ve been worked like a dog by the hospital, I hate it, but I have to pay rent, have to purchase evermore expensive groceries, have to pay for the little things that make me happy. Recently I’ve gotten a Netflix subscription so we can watch Formula 1: Drive to Survive… Anyway. The site isn’t dead, it’s just that all of us have been terribly busy and horribly traumatised by the police. Can’t wait to get out of this damn country. As soon as certain affairs are settled…

…Ansel seems to be his whole self again. There was so much… that all of us lost, over these past several months, but especially him. And of course not being able to go out hasn’t helped, but… But we’re recovering. We’re going to be a family again. Instead of a bunch of—hollow shells that can’t feel anything. I will never… let that happen again.

I suppose I should get to that comparison of The Planets renditions soon. And there’s a horror series that was recommended to us by a friend, Ansel should review that, too. Oh, but where to find the time…!