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A number of ghosts write for the website, all of them extremely attractive.


Webmaster, Horror Reviewer

Ansel is the webmaster. He is responsible for updating the website and making sure everything works. He worked together with Anatolij to design the website, and wrote all the code behind it. He learned CSS in just under two weeks to construct everything you see here.

Aside from his interest in web design, Ansel’s passions are horror, photography, and cinematography. His favourite horror subjects are zombies and ghosts. Ansel does not have a formal background in any sort of media study or journalism.

In his spare time, Ansel cooks damn good food for Anatolij and Blast Ant, practices MMA, dances, sings karaoke, and cosplays in order to torment Anatolij. His favourite animals are owls, and he probably loves children too much for his own good.

  • Favourite music genre: Hip-hop
  • Favourite song: Jupiter, Bringer of Jollity
  • Favourite game: The World Ends with You (NDS)
  • Year born: 1993
  • Would you ever kiss a robot: I would probably fuck the robot to death. It’s a wonder that none of my partners have died this way.
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Artist, Lead Arts Editor

Anatolij is the owner of the website, its artist, and its Lead Arts Editor. He is responsible for the website’s aesthetic design and its graphical assets. He plans to use the website to host most of his creative works.

Anatolij has a wide array of interests and it would be too lengthy to list them at even a quarter length. He is a Trotskyist and considers himself a fellow traveller to the ICFI. Like Ansel, Anatolij does not have a formal background in any sort of media study or journalism.

Anatolij is autistic, synaesthetic, and a survivor of brain injury, the latter of which forced him to relearn English and basic maths. When cognitively exhausted (see: autistic burnout), he suffers aphasia, which is the complete loss of the ability to communicate or even think in words. In spite of everything he is still better at dancing than you. His favourite foods are cheese and fried potatoes.

  • Favourite music genre: Jazz
  • Favourite song: Taras Bulba
  • Favourite game: The Sims 1 (PC)
  • Year born: 1995
  • Would you ever kiss a robot: Assumes I haven’t already.
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Diarist, Mid-riff King

Occasional diarist, but Akihiko is more content to play video games from the early to mid 2000s than anything else. Ansel’s little brother. Very attached to “Tolly”—he’s the one who came up with his nickname—and he’s come up with nicknames for everyone. He’s adorable and he knows it.

  • Favourite music genre: Heavy rock
  • Favourite song: “Paranoid Android” by Radiohead
  • Favourite game: Kingdom Hearts (PS2)
  • Year born: 2002
  • Would you ever kiss a robot: That feels like incest. Are we talking about hot robots, like Hajime Sorayama girls?
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Diarist, Cool Old Guy

Bedivere is partner to both Anatolij and Ansel. He occasionally contributes to the website, typically writing diary entries that are published here, but his main responsibility is reining in the Anatolij and Ansel when they overwork themselves (which is often).

Bedi is also a widow, and he stood with Tolly and Ant through their survivor’s guilt. They say he helped them discover joy in life after grief, but Bedi can say they did the same for him, too. When it comes to food, Bedivere loves grilled fish, vinegared fish, and rice. His favourite drink is toasted rice green tea.

  • Favourite music genre: Is glockenspiel a music genre?
  • Favourite song: “In stiller nacht”
  • Favourite game: Robotron: 2084 (arcade cabinet)
  • Year born: You wouldn’t believe it
  • Would you ever kiss a robot: No comment.
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Blast Ant

Diarist, Sporty Tomboy Childhood Friend

A diarist who writes about Ansel more than anything else. Anatolij’s sister and Ansel’s sweetheart.

She is quite cute, quite small, and quite violent. But also quite nice. It is inadvisable to offend the honour or well-being of her loved ones as she’s yandere. Sparring is her foreplay, and she loves nothing like a good brawl—except for a man who can give her a good brawl.

Like Anatolij, she is autistic, synaesthetic, and a survivor of brain injury. In spite of everything she is probably better at MMA than you. Her favourite foods are yolk-only flan and fried potatoes.

  • Favourite music genre: Whatever the SimCity 4 score is
  • Favourite song: “Dance!” from Persona 4: Dancing All Night
  • Favourite game: Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage (PS1)
  • Year born: 1995
  • Would you ever kiss a robot: Oh my god, Adam Jensen can have my babies. [Ansel] He’s a cyborg, not a robot.
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Commentator, Professional Cactus, Bad Bitch

Iseul rarely writes diary entries, published or unpublished. Instead, he mostly interjects in conversations to annoy Ansel and otherwise sour his day. He takes great pride in such work.

Iseul is Blast Ant’s zucchini, Tolly’s partner-in-mischief, Ansel’s shrew and best ex, Bedi’s quasi-love interest, Nova’s cousin, and the group’s karaoke bar manager. He descends from a long line of Korean jackasses—but he doesn’t know a lick of Korean.

  • Favourite music genre: New Age
  • Favourite song: “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen
  • Favourite game: Yakuza 0 (PS4)
  • Year born: 1997
  • Would you ever kiss a robot: Platonically yes
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Julia Verne

Diarist, Artificial Woman, Catsup Afficianado

Julia authors the occasional diary entry, but mostly she criticises Ansel for making, or threatening to make poor life decisions. When he needs time to reflect, he usually spends it in her rose garden, where they sit together in peaceful silence.

Something like Ansel’s big sister, something like Bedivere’s daughter. She was very close to Giovanni, and one of his closest confidantes. Julia’s biggest passions in life are catsup, rose gardening, playing soccer (not watching it), and the eventual sublimation of organic life to synthetic life.

  • Favourite music genre: Electronica
  • Favourite song: “Sad Machine” by Porter Robinson
  • Favourite game: “Dance, Monkey, Dance” mini-game from Ape Escape 2
  • Year born: 2018
  • Would you ever kiss a robot: Well, duh. Of course.
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Diarist, Magical Deathfish, Fish Sclerochronologist

Anatolij is his dear companion and one could say that he is an old friend of Bedivere’s. He and Ansel have a good, trusting relationship. Nova does not do much for the website, but he enjoys reading it. Some of his diary entries are published here.

Cool and not very active socially, but his affection is no less wholehearted, nor his criticism any less incisive. He encouraged Anatolij to rekindle his interest in politics, and to engage with the wider world at large after his injury. He practices flamenco and is terrifying with a knife.

  • Favourite music genre: Baroque
  • Favourite song: “Flight Over Venice 1” from Assassin's Creed 2
  • Favourite game: Deus Ex (PC) and Another World (PC port)
  • Year born: Timeless (1989)
  • Would you ever kiss a robot: …If a close friend such as Blast Ant or Anatolij asked me to, yes.
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Diarist, Dream Twink, Mershark, Witch

Yumeka inserts the rare comment on the entries published on the website. Otherwise, he has very little visible presence here, but he’s always happy to give Ansel a massage, or answer booty-call. When it comes to a libido like Ansel’s, that’s pretty important. Ansel doesn’t like that being discussed. However, Yumeka is always happy to take one (or eight) for the team.

  • Favourite music genre: Folk
  • Favourite song: “The Greatest Jubilee” from Bayonetta
  • Favourite game: Final Fantasy VII (PS1)
  • Year born: 2003
  • Would you ever kiss a robot: Only if the robot has a big dick. But I’ll make an exception for Larry 3000!
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Diarist, Lamented

  • Favourite music genre: Jungle
  • Favourite song: “Lamma Bada Yatathana” performed by Lena Chamamyan, and Suite dansante en Jazz by Erwin Schulhoff
  • Favourite game: Spec Ops: The Line (PC), Undertale (PC)
  • Year born: “2012”
  • Would you ever kiss a robot: He would… That’s just the kind of guy he is.
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