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Privacy and PGP Encryption

We use the zero-access encryption email service ProtonMail, meaning anything we send and receive will be completely confidential—on our end. Your email service (and government) may be less privacy-minded. All of our emails include our public key to allow you to verify the authenticity of our messages and/or to send encrypted messages to us.

Our emails to other ProtonMail users are automatically encrypted with the service’s built-in PGP, and we can exchange encrypted communications with contacts who are using other email services if they provide us their public key. End-to-end encryption means that even if our communications are intercepted in transit or stolen, it is impossible for anyone to read our emails without decrypting with our private keys.

How can I send an encrypted email with my current email service?

You can keep using services such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo!, Yandex, and others and encrypt and decrypt emails received and sent from those services. Keep in mind those services (e.g. Gmail) may require you to set app-specific passwords for the third-party clients listed below.

Do my emails to you have to be encrypted?

No. If you’re comfortable with your (possibly insecure) email service, malicious interceptors, and your government reading, cataloguing, and monetising every piece of communication you’ve ever exchanged, then no, none of your online communications have to be encrypted