Sketches of Colorado

2020.10.14, by Anatolij
Filed under Artwork, Colorado

Ansel was so upset with me. “Why haven’t you uploaded your sketches?”
I did not sketch as often as I had expected to, in Colorado. …But I am pleased with what I did.

Click on the images to view them in full.

Arkansas River bend
Quick sketch made on the moving train of the Royal Gorge Railroad. Had only a few seconds to do this. Happy with how I rendered the water ripples.

Rusty structure
Done on the same train. This time, the train was stopped, to do conduct brake tests. This was in the middle of the gorge. I do not know what this structure used to be.

Garden of the Gods
Drawn from the point dedicated to photographer, Rich Buzzelli. It was unfortunately smoky from the West Coast wildfires. You can see NORAD on the Cheyenne Mountain from here.

Cheyenne Mountain vista
From here one could hear the drills at Fort Carson. There was a lovely little clearing—everything else was a dense forest. (I did not feel like drawing all those trees… especially as we had the rest of the mountain to hike. A hawk flew over us…