Black and white photograph of white Christmas lights on skeletal pines, close-up. Light, against the black of night…
2016.12.19, by Anatolij and Ansel
Filed under Grief, Journal, Personal

[Tolly] The holidays, ideally dedicated to sharing happiness and joy with your loved ones, become a weird and empty time after loss. To start with, do you prepare the same amount of food as before, or…? And Death sits in the empty chair, and speaks all the unspoken words, and unwraps the gift you can't give.

[Ansel] I know children who’ll put together a special Christmas tree decoration for their mom.
I know a man who’ll serve dessert with the fruits his wife preserved.
[Tolly] I know a woman who will simply let her heart rest.
I will be listening to the music that moved my loved ones so.

[Ansel] What are your guys’s plans?