Didi and Tolly

2019.10.11, by Bedivere
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The weather’s chilled, and the angle of the sun is lower, so we’ve been waking up earlier and earlier. It’s a pleasure to enjoy the autumn days, but it’s been a bolting horse down main street on the sleep schedule. Been pretty tough for those two to go to work properly rested.

I haven’t been in touch with Ansel’s wife since… I’m not sure, since I lost my text messages when the phone finally gave up the ghost. But it’s been about a week since her last communication. Text to Didi. He responded to it. He was very curt. Two sentences, and one of them was the word “Thanks.” He’s really done with all of them. I’m shocked, honestly. He loved them so much.

I feel taller than I should be. Hm…

When the li’l fox first came to, it was as if his body were much bigger and heavier than his brain remembered. He couldn’t control it at all. Lied in bed for 15 minutes, “too heavy” to do anything…