Life, renewing…

2020.02.27, by Ansel and Julia Verne

[Ansel] Recently at work we’ve taken to going to the little park outside the emergency department during our lunch breaks, and doing our exercises there. It’s a nice place to get a view of the stars too, and Ant loves running around on the grass. We see and hear bats fly overhead. It isn’t noisy, not like out in the back behind lab, where a bunch of chemicals are stored in these huge, walled off tanks. There’s no pervasive hum and no bright lights to bother us. And the grass smells great.

[Julia] We’ve been keeping stress low. Reading our library books, watching Giant Gorg, gardening, discovering new music. Ansel has been making salmon crudo every month. Delicious. And reading the news every day. Italy has locked down ten cities due to SARS-CoV-2. Ah, we learned the name of the virus yesterday, from a HEMA Discord. One of the practitioners there is a journalist and explained that COVID-19 is the disease, like how HIV is the virus and AIDS is the disease. “I had to fight my editors about that last week,” he complained. Blast Ant and Bedivere have been having so much fun revamping the server. Well, the peculiar enjoyment they derive from labouring away. I’m glad. They seem happy.