The future

2020.03.12, by Anatolij and Ansel

[Tolly] Ant and Ansel fought again. On the 10th, over priorities, aspirations… The usual. It has been a while. I missed that.

He gave up on his fantasies—acknowledged his eternally unmet needs. Ansel the husband, Ansel the father, Ansel the protector… All of that. And with this we are closer to resuming █████.

We have been reading the news consistently now. Trying to keep a sharp political orientation. It’s hard to do in this hinterland. The isolation will kill us again if we’re not careful.

We saw Parasite two days ago. Moving father. One thing that struck me—the poor mother was genuinely apologetic to the old housekeeper and her husband. She intended to give them food—a concrete expression of concrete feelings.

The NBA player who tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 had previous touched all the microphones at a press event to mock fear of te pandemic.

Young people between the ages of 18–40 are dying across Italy.

[Ansel] I was suspicious of the coverage of the fatalities, always focusing on the “elderly” and those with “pre-existing” conditions. No shit old sick people are going to succumb first. That’s true of any disease. That initial coverage was enough to lull most of the public into a false sense of security. Now Italy’s hospitals are overflowing, and they’re turning away younger patients to focus on the elderly. In France it’s the opposite. They’re letting the elderly shuffle—joke off. Priotising those with a greater chance of survival. Don’t know what we’ll do here. We have two cases in the county.

The New York Times reported that both state and federal officials halted medical researchers in Seattle from testing. They ended up flouting these orders and confirmed that a kid with no travel history or suspected contacts had it. After they informed his family, the school, and the public, they were ordered, again, to stop testing.

[Anatolij] I’m waiting for the ax to fall.