Masks depleted.

2020.03.21, by Blast Ant
Filed under COVID-19, Journal

The trailer that the hospital rented broke down in the middle of my shift. Well, not the trailer, but the generator. It hasn’t been working for the past four hours. And just half an hour ago the generator sent sparks which cased the disaster tent to “explode” (word that all the RNs are using) and deflate. We haven’t even been hit by a wave of cases yet, and the hospital’s already fucked…

Masks are depleted, management is instructing us to reuse masks until “compromised”, giving us only one yellow surgical mask per shift. Gloves are running low, too.

They don’t know when we’ll be able to restock. If this keeps up—I can’t imagine what things will be like a week from now. The hospital is a mess.