Didi and the kiddo are exercising at home and work.

2020.03.22, by Bedivere
Filed under COVID-19, Fitness, Journal

Now that the state is under lockdown and the gym is closed (on the 17th), they’ve been getting their exercise in entirely at home and at work, during meal breaks. Hoping that they can get into a routine that’ll help them blow steam and maintain conditioning. They’ve been practicing fencing footwork, explosive lunges, knee strikes, front kicks, push-ups, one-handed push-ups, Bulgarian split squats, and regular lunges… They need to do more upper back and shoulder exercise, and something for the pectorals. Kettlebells can be used in a variety of ways; I wish the little guy had some on hand. Apparently, one of the HEMAists on the HEMA Discord does exclusively bodyweight exercises—he’s a mountain climber. That’s encouraging…

Simone ordered a Nintendo Switch last week, it just arrived two days ago. Bought the digital edition of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The Switch normally goes for $300 USD retail, but everyone’s been ordering them for quarantine, so the sellers have been hawking them for $350 USD. Strange to think that a game company of all things would profit immensely from a pandemic.

Those three haven’t played video games in months, if not well over a year, so I’m glad. It seems like Ant had a good time writing [letters to animals]. And Didi doing the heavy lifting of earning bells. The game has helped ease their worries, I think.