Since coming back to work—

play is important.

2020.04.10, by Bedivere

…Today, on our lunch break, it was raining, so we couldn’t practice capoeira. We went for a walk, with our butterfly-print umbrella we bought from the Descanso Gardens in Glendale last year. Actually, I think we went on █████. For fun, I turned the night to white day, conjured spires of ice in the distance, and a statue of Vulcan in the center of the hospital park. Made the stroll a lot more fun. Ah. And some giant white hares, bounding through the snow. What do folks these days to catch a breath? Look at Facebook, right…?

We were actually pretty calm. Weeks of quarantine, without being overstimmed at work, without the stress of having to pass as neurotypical. I honestly think Didi and Ant needed this break. We were so tension-free that it put Didi at unease.

The hospital hasn’t been inundated with cases, but we’re completely out of N95s. We’re also taking patients from other hospitals placed on diversion. Since we’ve recovered from our infection, there’s no point in us wearing an N95 anymore, except perhaps to protect everyone else, but we touch the pens and papers that we have the patients sign. We’ve been baking and rotating the masks. They’re probably compromised pretty badly already. But we’re saving them for this coming wildfire season. Doubt there’ll be many spared floating around by the time that starts up.

We got in a decent amount of reading. Well, audiobook listening while we played Animal Crossing. We finished Carl Sagan’s The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark. It actually wasn’t as well-written as we expected. All those letters he received from conspiracy theorists, and strangers in general… Didi was having a hard time. He’s never wanted to skip a chapter in a book so badly in his life. It was pretty painful, to be honest. A smaller selection would have gotten the point across just as well, with less pain. We’re going to focus more on written books. Audiobooks take a long time… Oh, and we finished the audiobook of Alan Taylor’s American Colonies. That was good.

Hope Simone is keeping on top of her finances. I can feel Ansel’s pain over that…

The kiddo… The kiddo and Didi have been working earnestly to spend time together, as a couple, and with everyone else. Leotrim, Nova, and me. Leotrim and Nova are very cute together, actually. When it comes to the li’ guy they’re a bit like Didi, coming together whenever he’s involved. It’s not even conscious, it’s a natural reflex for them. They’re totally seamless when they’re like this. I think Didi’s still a bit… shattered from everything that happened with [his ex-wife’s family].

A couple of our hospitalists are out on quarantine. Dr K. just asked the people around if they knew of any staff with confirmed diagnoses. Ant was very uncomfortable. Wanted to say something about our PCR, which used just one swab, returned negative. Don’t know if there’s any point to outing ourselves as a vector at this point.

There’s a single place in [the county] so far taking convalescent plasma donations. I now it’s Easter, but later today we’ll call, and leave a message, about other donation sites closer to home. Maybe we’re still symptomatic, or this is a secondary infection, and it hasn’t been 14 days since our last known symptoms, but we want to donate.

Thanks to Animal Crossing, all of us have gotten behind on our journalling.