Dialogue: “What the hell is wrong
with people?”

2020.04.19, with Ansel and Blast Ant
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[Ansel] …Julia mentioned something earlier. That everyone who interested us intellectually, creatively, has devastated us psychologically. [sighs]

[Blast Ant] This city, suburb is such shit. We don’t have a healthy milieu. Simone is nothing to us in that regard, either.

Years ago she used to recommend movies to us. Well, she would ask us to watch them together.

[Ansel] Made sense, we were friends…

[Blast Ant] She stopped doing that after Guardians of the Galaxy.

[Ansel] Christ! I remember that. What a train wreck.

[Blast Ant] Right?

[Ansel] We tore that film a new one. It was the most insulting film we’d ever seen.At least Battlefield Earth had joyous dogfights. We couldn’t stop talking about it for at least a weak. Simone got pretty sick of it, but she didn’t say a word.

[Blast Ant] I had fun! Just analyzing how bad it was. Supposed to instantly sympathise with the murderous psychopath because his mom died of cancer and he has a mixtape? Please. It made you so mad.

[Ansel] Christ. That pissed me off so much.

[Julia] …Well, they look like they’re having fun. Just sharing information.

[Bedi] Right. Infornographers.

Guess that’s all they really needed from others. Don’t really get why everyone else had to go and psychologically break my partners.

But that’s everyone else’s problem, not ours.