Quitting New Horizons, reading Voronsky

2020.04.23, by Bedivere
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Looks like the kids have finally had it with the new Animal Crossing game. Especially Didi. He grew up with Wild World, City Folk, even enjoyed New Leaf “as shallow as it was”. The past two weeks he’s dedicated to criticisizing game design decisions and sparseness of writing and character, and of course, Ant is deeply disappointed with how much time the game’s taken [out of her daily life] without providing much joy or funny memories to laugh about.

Quitting the Switch is a big step forward for those two, but it’s a shame we had to do it in the first place. Those two have actually been more productive since switching to the Nintendo DS. Ah, Didi ordered himself a white DS Lite with an R4 card and case. Of course, he’s playing Hotel Dusk, and Animal Crossing: Wild World. Kid and everyone else are giddy over 100 Classic Book Collection. These things will take time, but they won’t be energy vampires like New Horizons was.

The game also ruined Tolly’s Discord moderation. Arranging trade deals and what-not… It really was like another job. None of us were really enjoying ourselves in the end, but we spent so much time on it.

Anyway, we’re back to reading Art as the Cognition of Life. As soon as the Kyle Hyde duology’s finished up, it’s onto the classic books. Didi described New Horizons as “alcohol to an alcoholic—and shitty alcohol at that.” I’m honestly a little upset to see Ant so frustrated by that. I’m glad she’s having fun again. It’s better to see her smile…