The mulberry tree at the church is dropping fruit.

2020.05.21, by Tolly
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Two days ago Bedivere advised me to quit art and focus on my studies. We had both realized that art was something that was “easy” for me to do, good at… It was an easy distraction. And perhaps not something I was truly passionate about anymore…


…we’ve just started watching Golden Kamuy and I’m fascinated and interested in the lives of the Ainu within, and hope to see more of late Meiji era Otaru [port city]. I am still interested in humans, making human connections, as Bedi said… But not with many real humans.

The mulberry tree in the Maronite church’s garden is dropping fruit. The pavement around is stained midnight blue, indigo. The fruit itself isn’t very sweet, but it’s not bad. Landscaping work there is progressing slowly. Squirrels fight in the tree at noon, midges swarm over the bushes at dusk, some unseen visitors leave potted plants around the tree and in front of the statue of the lady of the garden. Last week,—or was it the week prior?—someone left untouched two Popeye’s chicken sandwiches on the bench, in a branded bag, still perfectly wrapped. This was at 1700. I moved to discard them, but Iseul wished to take them home… Ansel is still upset about that, hmhm. I inspected them, and they smelled all right… So yes, we ate one, and saved the other one for Simone.