Priorities of my hospital co-workers

2020.05.30, by Tolly and Bedi
Filed under COVID-19, Journal, Politics

[Tolly] Yesterday RN Michelle complained that famous athletes could obtain COVID-19 tests so easily but healthcare workers and grocery workers (one of her relatives is one) could not. “What’s the most important thing in this country? Basketball?!”

The riot police with their MRAPs are marching through the Twin Cities to enforce the 2000 curfew. I saw the cops shoot canisters at people filming from their porches, yelling “light ’em up!” And of the CNN crew with the black reporter being arrested.

Right now, charge nurse Shelley is watching the local Eyewitness News reporting aerially on looters in LA. She, the unit secretary, and Dr K. are all comfortably ensconced and swallow these feeds uncritically.

[Bedi] Those two [Tolly and Didi] are getting pretty tense. The unit secretary just said, “They keep referring back to the Boston tea party. So we haven’t gotten any better since then?!”