The Bloods, Kings, and Crips coming together

2020.05.31, by Marrus, Tolly, and Ansel
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[Marrus] The gangs in Minneapolis are coming together to secure the perimeters of the neighbourhoods, South Side, North Side, doesn’t matter. Not just there. I hear the same thing is happening in Chicago… We’ve been so tense. Videos of white vandals dressed in black with skateboards, batons, and other kinds of clubbing weapons smashing up businesses whilst distraught protesters beg them to stop. These people [the protesters] don’t know how to fight, defend themselves or others. Only the people openly calling themselves “antifa” know to defend themselves, and others. The people practicing “die-ins” must learn this. Young workers in Minneapolis finding joy in solidarity, on the ground inert

[Tolly] I remember years ago, in Minneapolis, one of the older members of Socialist Alternative worried that young people (specifically Americans) today didn’t have a history of violent class struggle, having to defend themselves, being beaten in the head. The leaders of the group left the question hanging in the air.

[Ansel] Yesterday one of the EMTs likened the protesters to “animals in a cage” and said they were being driven by fear, “whether the threat is real or perceived.” We have to be careful. I get the feeling that everyone in this fucking town is a fuckwit…