May 2020 Vocabulary

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  • cumbrous   adjective
    Cumbersome; Unwieldy or slow-moving because of heaviness and bulk.
  • empyrean   noun, adjective
    Of unearthly, celestial light and fire; Burning of a heavenly blaze. The Empyrean is the highest heaven in ancient Christian cosmology, occupied by fire or aether. From Ancient Greek empyros, “in or on the fire (pyr)”.
  • sedulous   adjective
    Diligent in application or pursuit; Involving or accomplished with careful perseverance. From Latin sedolo, “sincere; without deception or guile”.
  • splenetic   adjective
    Given to melancholy; Marked by bad temper, malevolence, or spite. From the theory of four humours, which holds that black bile, the melancholic humour, is stored in the spleen.
  • stentorian   adjective
    Describes a voice that is loud, powerful, booming, suitable for giving speeches to large crowds. From the character of Stentor, the herald of the Greek forces in the Iliad.