Another piglet in the park?

2020.07.17, by Ansel and Tolly

[Ansel] Tolly thinks he saw another piglet again, running around the hospital park. Dr N. filled out a workplace improvement survey. She left a comment, “I want strippers with big muscles in spandex.”

Things here have been pretty normal. Well, as normal as they can be. This small hospital handles roughly 100–120 [COVID-19] positive patients a day, some discharged home, some admitted to the CCU. Our viral load must be pretty low. Dr H., a man with multiple houses, including a beach house in Malibu, and a dog that costs more than I make in two weeks, insists that COVID-19 is les lethal than the flu and charges $60 USD for antibody testing.

[Tolly] I want to write a sketch of him. His social type… We have another PA, also Asian [like Dr H.], and also very fit [also like Dr H.], actually, there is no real difference between them aside from age and life experience (Dr H. is divorced and older). E. Competent, good at their job, clinical, a little cold and lacking empathy (but thankfully not tact), obsessed with their own sexual prowess and maintaining their sexual health in general. Dr H. has invested in some ventures related to this, if I’m not mistaken he is one of the major stockholders.