What the hell happened to See’s Candies?

A sky blue box of the sky-blue wrapped sugar-free dark chocolate bars sold by See’s Candies. Each candy bar has a photo of old Mary See.
2020.11.03, by Ansel
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Akihiko grabbed me a small box of their dark chocolates, and… They were just bad. Overloaded with vanilla flavor to cover up the acidity and the burnt taste of the chocolate… The milk must’ve been queasily old to need to sour for that long, and the beans were definitely overroasted. I couldn’t taste any of the fruity, distinctive, or complex flavors that dark chocolate is supposed to have from its higher cacao content. Even if they used high quality beans, those flavors would’ve been completely masked by the soured milk (thanks, America), vanilla tsunami, and charring of the roasting process. And the texture was chalky, too…

I thought See’s Candies was good. At least, I had good memories of it. Was I wrong? Or have they gone down the drain like World’s Finest? Where the fuck are my kosher chocolates? (Tolly’s laughing at me.) I’ll even settle for a Schogetten, holy shit these were so bad.