This page contains links to my other presences on the Wired (well, I’ll post them eventually), and links to websites we find useful and/or interesting.

Web Design Resources

  • Brackets
    Open-source text-editor built for web design, features live page previews.
  • Can I use…
    Check browser compatibility for numerous features.
  • CSS-Tricks
    Articles on how to build websites and implement specific features.
  • FatCow’s free icons
    Cute icons under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.
  • Hex Hub HTML Color Codes
    Over a thousand named colours and their corresponding hexadecimal codes.
  • High Performance Browser Networking
    A free online textbook on web performance.
  • JSFiddle
    Test your code here. Allows real-time collaboration, too.
  • Open Graph Protocol
    <meta> tag protocol established by Facebook. This is how you get attractive previews when you share links on Facebook or Discord. Preview your Facebook links here.
  • Sublime Text
    One of my favorite text editors. Shareware. —Ansel
  • Twitter Cards
    <meta> tag protocol used by Twitter, includes properties unique to that platform. Preview your Twitter links here.
  • W3Schools
    Free tutorials on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more for web developers. Not affiliated with the W3C.
  • Yusuke Kamiyamane’s free icons
    Cute small icons under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

Cool sites

Other useful places



  • Defense One
    News and analyses on US foreign policy and national security, aimed at policy makers.
  • Gamasutra
    Video game industry news and design essays.
  • Nursing Times
    UK-based publication on nursing news.
  • PLOS One
    Peer-reviewed, open access journal published by the Public Library of Science.
  • ScienceDaily
    Aggregate of research headlines and press releases.
  • The Intercept
    Exposés of American politics. Brasilian edition here.
  • World Socialist Web Site
    News, commentary, arts reviews, and essays on history written from a Trotskyist perspective. Published since 1998.

Free books


Game Design

Contemporary artists

  • Drawing Armoury
    Bishoujo in historically accurate mediaeval European armour. Also has a Pixiv.
  • K. Kanehira
    Human habitats, fantastically painted.
  • Sinnykitt
    Cute, gory art.
  • Kiryu
  • Nomiya (Drink Shop)
    True to their name, they paint sparkling illustrations of refreshments. Often with cute animals!
  • saya
    Visually stimulating space, water, and shard pictures.
  • Trevor Henderson
    Horror artist and creator of Siren Head.
  • Waterhouse Gallery
    Santa Barbara-based gallery showcasing many plein-air artists with a focus on Californian subjects.

Porn (NSFW, obviously)

  • [ ]
    Guro and cannibalism.
  • Arsh
    Lean mean boys. Ansel’s type. (Don’t fucking say that…)
  • Code:TK
    Shredded babes with killer abs. Also Ansel’s type.
  • Dizdoodz
    Bara artist with superb technical skills.
  • Jun Shou oOO / dokumushi
    Hot alien sex.
  • K-niii—
  • Lusty Lest’s Banana House
    Pornography and diary written by an insane person. Cute website.
  • MADO GuchiMoto / RRadical
    Cute girls who murder and eat other girls.
  • Po-ju
    Soft femboys and the occasional amazon. The rendition of the fabric
  • Shinachiku
    In case you like your shotacon with a side of diabetes. These are some of the sweetest coming-of-age stories…
  • Sousuke
    God of dark-skinned warrior bara.
  • Takuan
    Fujoshi (BL) artist. Painterly renditions of the human form.