The Coming Tide, the Waning Night

2018.04.11, by Giovanni
Filed under Lullaby, Literature, Music, Poetry

Sung to the melody of “Der Mond, Das Meer”.

The moon faerie slips into the night
Shouldering his longbow
Deep in dream, past where the daylight knows
Patience meets her knight

Hewn of yew sewn in sweet light
Quiver-lyre of the moon
Prays for love to grow up soon
Guarding ’gainst their plight

Loved child, sing
Draw out your quiet father’s voice
Loved child, sleep
In her arms rest your mother’s joys

The sea faerie marches from her home
Crossing seas her vessel
Out of dreams, out where the bones dwell
All men turn to foam

Iron fleets sink in the night
Eaten by the world tempest
For the morrow they had wrest,
Bringing sun with might

Loved child, know
Your father had eyes for only you
Loved child, know
Mother clenched her fate for you