For Didi

2020.06.26, by Bedivere
Filed under Haiku, Literature, Poetry

Dark wood in the mist
Shadows behind the screen dance
In gentle blue light

The depths of your eyes
Your fear of irrelevance
Such young hands tremble

Are you a man, or
Not? A child, a woman,
You are my friend. You…

I wish I could tell
What you are supposed to be.
I don’t know, either.

The end of your self
And no one knows it, but ghosts.
Sit with me, here… I’ll

Stay by you, until
The end comes for you one last
Time. I am your friend.

Reinvent yourself
A thousand times over so
None recognise you.

I’ll still be here, in
These mists of your screened heart, in
Blue shadows dancing.