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Notes on various things of note to us. Largely for our own personal reference. Feel free to peruse.

▶ Books

These notes consist largely of excerpts from various books that we’ve read, with some of our own commentary and annotations. We have reproduced these for our own personal reference, and for educational purposes. If you’ve found these notes to be useful, we encourage you to buy the books themselves.

Each book’s page contains a brief summary of the book, the full table of contents, ISBN, and publishing information, and if available, links to purchase from the publisher or other distributor.

▶ Cookbook (under construction)

I hate websites that make you scroll past pages of “personal journey” Just to get to the actual recipe—and instructions! None of that. I wanted my own recipe book—I still have Giovanni’s—that could be easily searched, referenced, and edited.

▶ Tolly’s Wardrobe

Personal inventory of my wardrobe and outfits; something for me to quickly reference when I can’t decide what to wear. What can I say? I’m a fabulous queer and I love making lists.