Silhouettes: The fencing club

Fenced for the first time this week!

2020.03.08, by Blast Ant
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About the fencing on Wednesday night… The leader of the group is David, but he man calls himself “Bunny”. On his leather jacket is a metal pin of a rabbit with a rapier; on the bck, a green patch with the circle-A of the anarchists in black. He has many other buttons on the front left side of his jacket that I could not identify. Another man was very scruffy, jeans with torn holes, truth be told he looked very poor—but her owned a hauberk, plate armour, and a bascinet, 22.7 kg total he said. He squeaked very often, I could not tell if this was a tic or a verbal stim. But he was very personable and I liked him.

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