Progress, slower than we’d like.
But progress.

2020.04.24, by Tolly and Ansel
Filed under Journal, Personal, Plurality, PTSD

[Tolly] We finished Hotel Dusk then immediately went to bed. Staying away from the phone and the Switch has been a boon to us. 40 pages into Voronsky’s collection of essays in one day. Perhaps that is unimpressive for most, but for this body in its current state, it is a great feat.

Hmph. It only took this long for my faculties to return… Better late than never. I intend to return to █████ stronger than before. Why not call now? Because I can’t be useful. I can barely read or think if I’m even slightly tired. I don’t have the means to travel or intervene. Maybe psychologically I’m strong enough to undertake the work. Of course, […] I refuse to admit the fantasies I’ve entertained […]. Stress pushes me easier to the brink than before, I will not deny that.

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