2020.05.24, by Tolly
Filed under COVID-19, Journal, Personal, PTSD, Sensuality

Finished my notes on pain management. On SoundCloud, an advert from the US Army encouraging the listener to discover their “own warrior”. (“What’s your warrior?”) Did I mention here how my supervisor confessed that she doesn’t read? “I’m not a reader, I get everything by watching TV.” Came up in relation to COVID-19… Others, too, admit, without shame, zero interest in books. Tabitha in my department, studying to be a clinical worker. The security guard Kirsty studying to be a paediatric speech pathologist. I have no conversation partners here. I remember Jerry’s recollection of a comment by an autoworker, asked about the selling and destruction of the Detroit Institute of Arts.

“Do you agree with the UAW’s statement that we ‘can’t eat paintings’?”

“Hell no! Why do you think we work so hard? So we can have some of what they have. So we can have culture!”

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