Ten days of protests in Belarus

Photograph of the civic funeral of protester Alexander Taraikovsky. Hundreds of mourners wave old Belarusian white and red flags, and throw flowers onto the open casket.
Funeral of a protester killed by Belarusian riot police.
2020.08.18, by Ansel
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It’s been ten days since the presidential election in Belarus. Yeah, we know the protests began before the election. But I doubt they’ll lead to anywhere by themselves. Workers in key industries in Minsk are striking, and there are calls for a general strike. But they haven’t presented a clear political alternative. The EU, and the US all seem keen in courting the “wasp’s nest” (Belgian De Standaard) that is the opposition. Quickest and cleanest way to deal with this, from the standpoint of the US and EU (and probably the Kremlin, too), is to get rid of Lukashenko, make friends with the Tsikhanouskis, and let life continue as usual.

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