Reverence for the truth, and the debasement of Japanese media

Cover of a spread in a tabloid magazine. In big bloody lettering: “Stuffed in a duct!! Riddle of a man’s suspicious corpse!” Close-up of the face of dead man, with surrounding photos of the duct from various angles. On the next page of photos of other with some relation to the guy. They’ve all either died suspiciously or gone missing.
2020.08.27, by Ansel
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“I want to know the truth. Even when that truth is a terrible thing.”

★★★☆ Noroi (Curse) is both a fine horror story and an incisive satire of what passes for Japanese popular journalism. Eschewing the usual amateur, consumer-grade technical trappings of found footage horror, Kouji Shiraishi has instead crafted a highly polished documentary-style picture: the story of a professional journalist in pursuit of the truth.

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