Trans Masculinisation

and the lesser-known aspects being FTM

Stylised self-portrait/caricature of Anatolij, in blush pink and summer day’s sky blue. A slight turn to the viewer and a side-long gaze with a confident smile. Bare shoulders reveal developed muscles and muscular arms. Anatolij is bringing one of his hands back to brush back his hair, in a half ponytail, with a long fringe that parts to the side partially covering a sideburn. His eyeliner and shiba inu eyebrows are on point. Overlaying is a partially off-screen transgender symbol, painted with a rough brush, in pink, blue, and fluorescent purple between the two colours.
2020.09.30, by Anatolij
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I actually wrote this some time ago. Then my life caught fire and then… This stayed a very nearly complete draft for some weeks. Well, here it is! A brief account of FTM transitioning.

Bedi suggested, why don’t I write a post about being trans? It’s been a little over a year since I began masculinising hormone therapy, and it can be quite difficult for people to find information about the particular realities of being trans masculine.

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