The beginning of November

A globe viewed from above, with Greenland in the center, North America on the right, and much of Western Europe on the left. In a dark dull old wine, with scratched up red stripes across the whole image, and a ragged blue patch covering the bottom right corner. The map is grainy and seems raisiny or burrowed through, as if worms had tunneled through the surface.
2020.11.04, by Ansel
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We stopped by Staples and picked up some Crayola Model Magic (kids’ modeling clay) for Ant. She’s upset that the police “ruined” (they slightly flattened) her model of my ear, so I picked something that would work better than the kneaded eraser she was using, and a black desk globe for her to play with… And more furniture for the apartment… Yumeka ordered some pendulums and he’s hung them around the place. They actually spruce up the space. Every now and then, I catch her pawing at the green aventurine and “orgonite” (epoxy resin with gold chips) pendulum hanging from the leafy twine ball like a cat. She really likes the way it “jiggles” off-balance. Good. I’d rather she play with rocks than obsess over that one cop who was nice to her… She imprints too easily… Like Giovanni. Nova told her that if she keeps going like that, she’ll end up dead like him. That’s a little too harsh. But maybe it’s true…

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