Autumn Quiet

2020.11.10, by Jinsbek
Filed under Brutality, COVID-19, Food, Journal, Personal, PTSD, Relations

It’s stupid, but Yumeka’s taken to casting magic circles around me to help ward off thoughts about the police raid—and it helps. I don’t buy into that stuff, really, but it puts me in a state of mind to shift away from what happened.

Our delts are still burning… Maybe we went too hard, not even a massage helped for very long. Made Akihiko some rice porridge… Ansel likes to add eggs and sugar-free, chocolate protein powder to give it some protein content. It ends up being more like a chocolate custard with a rice base, as a result. Which Akihiko doesn’t mind, “but it’s still not oatmeal,” he says. “But oatmeals are heavy on starches,” Ansel says. “But so is short grain rice!” He doesn’t have a response to that… Really, he would’ve made oatmeal for Akihiko. He would’ve done anything for Akihiko. But it’s 2300 and we don’t have oatmeal in the pantry (haven’t in… years, I might say) and Akihiko really wanted some chocolate oatmeal so Ansel did his best to improvise. We might also be the only people who serve ours with almond oil. Somehow we convinced Anatolij to briefly “part” with it (he likes to mix it into his lotion) and actually use it for food… Hahaha.

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