People don’t know hunger

2020.11.13, by Akihiko
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You know what they don’t tell you about starvation (or fasting, I guess)? And I mean having your stomach empty for a long period of time regularly, not just being hungry. The feeling of having anything in your stomach that isn’t a liquid, of being full… Of there being something in your guts becomes a foreign feeling. You almost forget what that’s like, being fed. You have a good several meals for a couple of days and you think, “What… What’s in my guts? What’s wrong with my intestines? Oh, that’s—that’s food. That’s food? That’s food. Wow.” When it’s been so long since you’ve eaten that you’ve forgotten what it feels like to take a shit. So I’ve got no sympathy at all for people who don’t fucking know how to grocery shop.

“Food is so expensive”—I’m sorry, is that a box of Kraft macaroni and cheese? That’s what, maybe 7 ounces of shitty food? You know you could’ve bought well over a pound of pasta for the same amount of money you spent on shitty macaroni and cheese? Yeah I know, recommending thrift to the poor, but dayum you live on Kraft-anything you’re already living like a badly fed animal. Show your guts some self-respect and buy yourself a pound of sweet potatoes. You make Kraft mac and cheese with butter that you buy separately anyway, I guarantee you serving melted butter on some freshly baked sweet potatoes is a lot better and more filling.

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