He made a bunch of cops laugh and
laughed with them

2020.11.14, by Iseul
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It’s hard to watch Akihiko. He’s angry at the cops, but he still has to make jokes and small-talk with them at work. I wonder why it took four cops from two different branches (█████ PD and LAX Police) to bring in a suicidal old lady. How slow was it that night for them. Also. I didn’t know Los Angeles hired Wal-Mart greeters for airport security. TSA officers don’t have to be fit or know that peanut butter contains peanut oil I guess, but you would think the largest police agency in the United States dedicated exclusively to 24-hour airport activities would hire someone less… decrepit. But maybe she does clerical work. I can see her being a dispatcher.

It’s rare to see a suicidal cop. At least it is here.

The cop that was nice to Ant talked to her about her garden. He has a garden too. And Hitler loved dogs, and banned smoking. I’m sure Hillary Clinton has cute old lady hobbies when she’s not orchestrating war crimes in the Middle East. There was a lady that Kyle met. We won’t vote for hate!” She was the former head of logistics for Northrop Grumman. Very proud of her lesbian daughter, went to Pride with her and all that.

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