Website Update: Alive again, yes.

Close-up of Joaquín Sorolla’s “Girl with Flowers”, original “Nina con Flores”, painted in 1886. A young girl with black hair, black eyes, black brows smiles blushing behind a bouquet of yellow flowers. A shock of blue-violet flowers in her hair, above her ears. Off-white dress. Her eyes tell you to come forth—but at the same time you’re not sure you want to breach that barrier of golden sun by her cheeks; red cheeks…
2021.06.06, by Anatolij
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So I need to, first of all, make an account of everything that’s happened since… October? Or perhaps not. Let’s just say, a lot happened.

I’m not sure what to do with this site just yet. Certain things… I still… want this to be a little personal sanctuary of ours, even if we—and we have, and will—change. The desert, wood, retro aesthetic, horribly stubborn desktop orientation that is not vertical phone display-friendly at all.

I guess the site will remain as it is. With some changes, of course. I think for sure we still want to do horror reviews… Video game reviews… Talk about old games. Russian Literature and—other things.

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