Wardrobe: T11

Crimson Camellia on Black Cuban Collar Shirt

A black viscose shirt with Cuban collar, large crimson camellias printed and spaced conservatively from each other. Smaller, dark green leaves complement the camellias. Nice sheen.

Criminal Damage. Bought from River Island.

Fairly comfortable, viscose. Regular fit. Tight on my biceps when I raise my arms, and tight on the triceps when I bring my elbows close together. I brought it to a tailor to let the seams out, but there wasn’t enough string to do so. As much as Ansel likes this shirt, I can’t wear this for dancing because of the restricted upper arm mobility.

Decent for just going out to eat. If you have upper arm or back muscles, I advise against buying regular fit shirts like these from Criminal Damage, unless you’re willing to go up a size and have it altered.