On Colorado Springs

Blue smoky mountains in the distance, made out of shale, red sandstone, granite, covered in chaparral, with dust red clouds draped behind the peaks. Late day light.
2020.10.12, by Anatolij
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By the time I write this, I’ll have gone to Colorado Springs exactly one month ago. One month ago… I meant to write this earlier, but this beautiful, grotesque world decided to be cruel to me once more, yes? Hmhmhm…

I have never been to Colorado. My mental images of it were: forested mountains of mixed coniferous trees, skiing attractions. The city of Denver. That is all—I knew nothing else about the state, or its people. I did not expect for so much of the land to be open plains grazed by llamas. Just outside the Colorado Springs airport is a mule ranch, owned by a rancher who has been on that land for well over a dozen years rearing the animals. They are black, and beautiful—if mules had supermodels these are them—muscular, well-sheened creatures that I would be happy to marry.

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