What man dresses like a yakuza and enters a metaphysical crystal shop?

A bright assortment of tumbled, spherical, and obelisk stones, all sorted by color, arranged in a vintage Japanese porcelain bowl with gold floral trim and embellishments. Numerous specimens of fluorite with blue. Blue apatite, blue goldstone, a shining selenite sphere, blued aqua aura quartz. In the back, amazonite, red goldstone, carnelian, fire agate, mookaite jasper…
2020.11.03, by Iseul
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Cuz Yumeka was disappointed by the rocks he ordered online so Ansel saunters into a brick-and-mortar store to pick up some rocks for him… Typical Ansel thing to do. (It’s really surprising he didn’t get rocks for himself. Ansel loves geology.) He also steps in dressed like a freakin’ yakuza with his black and red camellia Cuban collar shirt, stone check waistcoat, slim-fit black dress pants and Giovanni’s scorpion collar necklace. Also a typical Ansel thing to do. But usually not when he’s alone. No I don’t count as a person to the jackass. I’m 78% sure he scared the girl at the cash register. But he chatted her up… easily, as usual.

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